"An insidious attack on your manliness is making you fatter, weaker, and killing your sex drive"

It's sapping your energy and may even be making you depressed too.  Some of its effects are hard to put your finger on . . . maybe less self confidence, and a feeling of being "breakable".

But guess what?  This attack started way back in your 20s.  It just really picked up speed after you turned 40.  And now it's not stopping.

Mainstream medical advice says it's a natural part of getting older.  But this attack is not natural at all. It's the progressive decrease of your male hormones caused by both inside and outside forces.  Yet the message you get - grow older and lose your manliness and everything that goes with it!
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I'm here to tell you (from personal experience), you don't have to accept this change.  Did you know . . . your body can actually produce youthful levels of male hormones again.  On its own.  No drugs or dangerous injections either.  It's fun actually.  You have the power and, soon, the key to turn the clock back on your body.

Better yet, as an older guy, your body will respond better than younger guys to naturally boosting male hormones.
how to boost hormones naturally
And along the way, we'll knock out estrogen and cortisol.  But more on that later.

This "secret" is not really a secret at all.  Several studies have shown the benefits of naturally boosting testosterone and human growth hormone.

Testosterone, of course, is your primary masculine hormone.  It's what makes you strong, quick, smart, aggressive.  It's an amazing substance that makes a man a man.  Testosterone makes you feel invulnerable when you're in your twenties.

And decreased testosterone is what makes you feel weaker, less sure, and breakable in your forties and later.

Growth Hormone (hGH) is the messenger that stimulates the production of other hormones such as IGF-1.  Together hGH and IGF-1 increase muscle mass and bone density, reduce body fat, and strengthen the heart.
"The Secret Is A Hormone One-Two Punch - Boost Testosterone And Growth Hormone . . . Simultaneously And Naturally!"
Most testosterone in your bloodstream is "bound" by SHBG and not available to connect with receptors in your body to produce male hormone effects.

So simply boosting testosterone is not the answer.  "Free testosterone" is crucial.  You need to boost free testosterone to get your manliness back.

But there's another factor to consider.  What's becoming more and more typical in older men is an abundance of estrogen.  Keep in mind, some estrogen is normal in a man's body.  Ideally, you should have a ratio of testosterone to estrogen of about 10 to 1.

Do men need to reduce estrogen?  As men age, their testosterone decreases while their estrogen increases.  This is partly due to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.  Unfortunately, a much bigger problem may be environmentally induced estrogen or estrogen-like substances in men's bodies.  Estrogen can increase SHBG which binds testosterone and effectively reduces free testosterone.
And here's a disturbing cycle . . . lower testosterone makes you more likely to be fat.  Fat, especially abdominal fat, generates aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

This worsening imbalance makes you more like a woman and less like a man. Your genitals may actually shrink.

Now if you think a pill like Viagra can help this imbalance and decreased testosterone, think again.  Viagra doesn't help with libido that inevitably disappears when your testosterone wanes.

It only works on the "hydrolics" needed for sex.  In fact, for many men, Viagra and other ED drugs stop working at all eventually.
But beyond your appearance, this excess estrogen has some serious consequences.  It increases your risk of heart attack and stroke and BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlarged prostate) may result from increased estrogen levels.

Along the way, I discovered another hormone that had similar effects to testosterone.  Human Growth Hormone and the gradual loss of it as we get older is the major reason for the negative effects of aging.  Sadly, HGH starts dropping off after we turn 20 and by the age of 40, you see pronounced effects - low energy, weight gain, loss of memory, loss of muscularity, and loss of sex drive.

Even worse,  there's a hormone called cortisol that increases as you age.  Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which means it uses up muscle tissue to provide energy to the body.  It's dubbed the "stress hormone" or the "age accelerating hormone" because it has the opposite effects of testosterone and HGH.  OH MY WORD! This couldn't be natural.

"Don't Let Anyone Convince You That Having Testosterone and Growth Hormone Pumping Through Your Veins Is Wrong"

It's not.  If it's naturally induced, it's benefits are enormous!  It's inexpensive, it's easy, results come quickly, and the effects go way beyond physical.  Mentally, I act, think and feel very different - empowered, happy.

Also, I'm a firm believer in Minimum Effective Dose (MED).  Take the least action necessary to get the desired effect.  Don't spend too much, don't take too much, don't workout too much.  You'd be surprised how little action it takes to see change.

"You can trigger a biological switch that stimulates growth and rejuvenation . . ."

You have the means to restore your testosterone and growth hormone to a healthy, manly level.  You can also lower your estrogen and cortisol levels . . . naturally and safely . . . without prescriptions.  Inexpensive actually.  Effective and with proven results.  Natural hGH Release supplements.

Naturally manipulate the body's hormones using biological principles for rapid muscle gain and fat loss  . . .

    Lose stubborn abdominal fat

    Build muscle

    Regain your sex drive

    Gain more energy

    Improve skin elasticity

    Boost your immune system

    Improve your memory

    Boost self confidence

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You don't have to waste another minute reclaiming your masculinity and getting back to being fully male.

I've put together a simple and inexpensive step-by-step plan - your shortcut to boosting free testosterone and human growth hormone naturally.

Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat is a detailed guide that leaves out nothing and gets you results - lose abdominal fat, gain muscle, regain your sex drive, more energy, better memory, and self confidence.   How to get a better body after 50.

Here's some of what you'll see . . .

*    How high blood sugar and high insulin affect growth hormone
*    How to reduce cortisol
*    Step by step guide to reducing estrogen
*    Maintaining optimal liver function
*    How to boost HGH naturally
*    How to boost more free testosterone naturally
*    Exercise for testosterone and growth hormone release
*    Eating for testosterone and growth hormone boosting
*    How to block aromatase from converting testosterone to estrogen
*    Proven hormone boosting supplements and how to cycle them

how to reduce estrogen
boost testosterone
"This may sound shocking, but you may have more estrogen than a woman!"
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boost testosterone naturally
"Men Over 50, Don't Accept The Aging Process As Normal!"

The key to getting a better body after 50 is not the latest weight loss fad.  It's not an exercise program.  And it's definitely not a drug.

In a society where looking young and fit is a way of life, it's no surprise that more and more “baby boomers” go way beyond basic aerobics and running on treadmills to get fit after 50.

But stop beating your head against the wall trying to lose weight, look younger, and boost your low libido.  At 50, I discovered that I could get in great shape easier and quicker than when I was younger (and had a quicker metabolism).

I focused on optimizing my hormones rather than crazy dieting and training.  And I'm going to show you in simple terms how I did it - naturally and safely.

But first, what's happening to your body?
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